Mount Prospect Basement Remodel 001So you're a homeowner eager to get a finished basement project underway, excited by the thought of transforming an underutilized room into something you can consistently enjoy for years to come.

That's great! However, whenever we approach a basement remodel project in our area around Mount Prospect and Arlington Heights, we quickly discover that a few crucial steps haven't been thought of yet. It's OK. That's why Skor Construction is here to help you think of these issues in advance, so your basement project isn't accompanied by runaway costs.

Canned Lighting in Basement Remodeling“My basement is a really dark space. I feel like I’m going into a cave down there. If I’m going to do a basement remodeling project, what do I need to keep in mind to brighten up the space?”

When it comes to the basement, lighting can be a real challenge, but at Skor Construction, we have some terrific suggestions for homeowners to address this concern and brighten up the basement space.

Basement Build Out by local General ContractorWhen you’re trapped indoors for any significant period of time like we’ve been over so many months during COVID-19, it reminds you of how much space you need between you and the rest of your family.

Sure, you love them, but being that close is giving you a severe case of “cabin fever,” causing you to wonder, “Is it ever going to get any better? Why does this house feel so small all of a sudden?”

Canned Lighting in Basement RemodelingAs Skor Construction continues to see a rise in the number of basement remodels in Mount Prospect, Arlington Heights and many other parts of Chicago’s northwest suburbs, we’re excited by the unique ideas offering inspiration for homeowners like you to consider. Let’s shed some light on these unique requests from homeowners striving to bring a whole new perspective to the basement area.

BASEMENT FURNACE“We want to do a finished basement project, but we’re wondering what to do about the furnace that’s always a real eyesore. Is there anything you do in your basement remodel projects to make that part of the basement more appealing?”

Believe it or not, the concept of a finished basement isn’t that old. For many years, homes were built in a style in which the basement wasn’t intended to be finished. As a result, what you’d be left with a very rough and unfinished look. There was little care for concealing a furnace back then.

Chicago Basement Remodel 005Being the basement remodeling experts that we are at Skor Construction, we frequently hear a debate about whether to finish a basement or not based on the next homeowner. On one hand, a finished basement has a nice look to it. But on the other hand, if you leave it unfinished, you allow the next homeowner to make their own statement on what they would like the basement to be.

Chicago Basement Remodel 006Basement renovation provides extra comfort for families and allows them to become better organized.  It is the best place to store seasonal items that are only used during the holidays or at certain times of the year.  Further, basement remodeling can be a good excuse to create that “man cave” or sewing room for the family’s seamstress.  It’s the ideal place for out-of-town guests and relatives or a place for the kids to entertain their friends with birthday or slumber parties.  It makes perfect sense that whenever our neighbors from Mount Prospect are planning a future basement renovation, they reach out to the exceptional basement remodelers at Skor Construction.