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Basement Build Out Or Finished Basement?

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Basement Build Out by local General ContractorWhen you’re trapped indoors for any significant period of time like we’ve been over so many months during COVID-19, it reminds you of how much space you need between you and the rest of your family.

Sure, you love them, but being that close is giving you a severe case of “cabin fever,” causing you to wonder, “Is it ever going to get any better? Why does this house feel so small all of a sudden?”

You may be stuck together with your family, but you don’t have to be stuck with how much your home can give you in the way of space. Just look to the basement and you’ll discover you already have exactly the square footage you’re looking for.

Go Big In The Basement With A Build Out?

You might be tempted by the thought of building out a basement, but at Skor Construction, Inc., we’ve been recommending a finished basement more often than not. Here’s why:

It’s much easier to finish the basement to give you that extra square footage you’re seeking versus a full-blown addition. The timeline of work is typically much shorter, less labor-intensive and a lot less expensive as well. With its shorter timeframe, this type of project naturally syncs up well with the approaching winter season we have in Chicago. Whether you live in Mount Prospect or Mundelein, Arlington Heights or Antioch, you know that our winters aren’t over and done in three or four months.

So the faster you can start and finish a basement remodel project, the more you can use that space during a prolonged stretch of plunging temperatures, where you’re not going to be able to spend a great deal of time outside. You can instead enjoy a constant recreational space made for a variety of uses. A well-planned finished basement will address this versatility you’re craving, so you can feel like you’ve created an add-on when, in reality, you’ve simply utilized the existing square footage you have in a much more appealing way. It’s appealing for many different family members and appealing for the resale value of the home. 

If you’re located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago (Mount Prospect, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Des Plaines) and seeking to transform your basement into the most beautiful new space in the home, talk to Skor Construction today. We’re happy to meet with you to hear about your vision, answer your questions, walk through your current basement space and deliver an estimate you can live with toward building a basement you’ll be excited to live in. Call 312.719.4377 or contact us here!

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