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Know The Skor: Best Lighting For A Basement

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Canned Lighting in Basement Remodeling“My basement is a really dark space. I feel like I’m going into a cave down there. If I’m going to do a basement remodeling project, what do I need to keep in mind to brighten up the space?”

When it comes to the basement, lighting can be a real challenge, but at Skor Construction, we have some terrific suggestions for homeowners to address this concern and brighten up the basement space.

Recessed can lights can offer you ways to splash light over a wider area of coverage rather than one type of spot lighting that leaves other parts of the room dark. Conversely, recessed can lights can be easily adjusted, so if the room is a bit too bright, there are options on the lights to tone down the brightness. One corner of the basement isn’t as bright as it should be? An easy fix is to add a few more recessed can lights and you’ll have a look of more uniform lighting.

Talk to Skor Construction about how we can include recessed can lights as part of your basement remodel project, so you’re able to step into a new space you can visibly appreciate from every corner. 

If you’re located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago (Mount Prospect, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Des Plaines) and seeking to transform your basement into the most beautiful new space in the home, talk to Skor Construction today. We’re happy to meet with you to hear about your vision, answer your questions, walk through your current basement space and deliver an estimate you can live with toward building a basement you’ll be excited to live in. Call 312.719.4377 or contact us here!

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