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Should You Finish A Basement Or Not?

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Chicago Basement Remodel 005Being the basement remodeling experts that we are at Skor Construction, we frequently hear a debate about whether to finish a basement or not based on the next homeowner. On one hand, a finished basement has a nice look to it. But on the other hand, if you leave it unfinished, you allow the next homeowner to make their own statement on what they would like the basement to be.

How does our team at Skor Construction land on the finished basement vs. unfinished basement argument?

You knew this answer was coming: It depends.  The good news is, you can arrive at a definite answer that's right for your basement remodel based on your particular goals. Let's take a closer look at how this will help you make the right decision on your basement construction project.

 Goal: Sell the house in the near future

If you plan to sell your home anytime soon, it's best to leave it as an unfinished basement. This will save money because, if you aim to get a substantial resale value, the basement isn't the primary place to look for that. Instead, you'd want to consider a kitchen or bathroom remodel, which is proven to provide a much higher value to the bottom line.

This doesn't always mean an extensive remodel in another room besides the basement is always in order. You may be able to give your home a fresh look through a paint job or replacing tired finishes while leaving the basement alone for the impending sale.

Goal: Maximize another area of the home for many years to come

Is it about transforming a basement into another bedroom? Or would you like to give your kids an escape that's all their own? Or is it time you had a dedicated office area away from the commotion upstairs? These options and even a combination of them lend themselves to a finished basement. The finished basement is best if you're going to be in the home for several years more and would like to fully utilize your space for any of these specific purposes rather than leave it unaddressed.

In other words, with a finished approach, you're not living with your basement. You're living in your basement like never before.

If you're located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago (Mount Prospect, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Des Plaines) and seeking to transform your basement into the most beautiful new space in the home, talk to Skor Construction today. We're happy to meet with you to hear about your vision, answer your questions, walk through your current basement space and deliver an estimate you can live with toward building a basement you'll be excited to live in. Call 312.719.4377 or contact us here!

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