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Bathroom Redesign & Remodeling in Palatine, IL by Local Contractor

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Arlington Heights Exterior Remodel Roofing ProjectProject Type:  Bathroom Remodeling  

Project Location: Palatine, IL

This client was referred to Skor Construction by a friend who had recently hired us to do a bathroom remodeling project for her home in Arlington Heights.  This new client had seen our work first hand and knew who to call when it was time to remodel her own master bathroom in her Palatine home.

When that time came she was thrilled to meet our team to discuss ideas on reconfiguring and remodeling her master bathroom.  She had design ideas but was not sure what was actually possible.

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Master Bathroom Remodeling Project in Palatine included:

  • Plans designed and submitted for procurement of building permit by Skor Construction for this bathroom remodeling project in Palatine.
  • Inspection scheduling for plumbing, electrical work and final certificate of occupancy in Palatine.
  • Encapsulated work area to minimize impacts to active household during construction.
  • Constructed the new reconfigured bathroom design which relocated and enlarged the shower.
  • New plumbing pipes and fixtures installed by licensed plumber.
  • New electrical gang boxes, Decora outlets, Decora light switches and light fixtures by licensed electrician.
  • Daily removal of dirt and debris Skor Construction. 
  • Installation of new "his and hers" double sinks and double bathroom vanity.
  • Constructed new shower area and applied elastomeric waterproofing membrane to all areas where water service is present, near shower, toilet and sinks. This material creates a continuous waterproof barrier that reduces crack transmission in tile and stone floors.
  • Setting of new decorative glass tile in shower walls.
  • Durarock subfloors installed for use as base for new ceramic tile flooring.
  • New ceramic tile floors that look like wood floors, also installed by Skor Construction.
  • Custom Glass Shower Doors Designed, Fabricated and Installed.
  • Painted all bathroom walls and trims.

As a professional bathroom remodeling company, we operate in a safe manner keeping our work-zone clean and clutter free. This ensures minimal disruption to your household during your bathroom remodeling project. If you are seeking a local bathroom remodeling contractor to assist you with an upcoming project, then contact Skor Construction today for a free estimate!

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