Local Addition Builder and Remodeling General Contractor

Skor Construction is a local general contractor and home builder specializing in home additions, and remodeling of single family homes in Mount Prospect and nearby cities and villages. Project managed by Skor Construction can include additions on slabs or new foundations. We have successfully constructed numerous one story and two story additions in Mount Prospect and also in nearby villages as well as the city of Chicago. These additions to our client's homes have included the expansion of kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, 3 season rooms and more. 

Addtions and remodeling projects often require exterior work which may include siding matching and complete roofing replacement. We have you covered in all areas of construction. Beyond repairs and reconstruction to your structures exterior, we can also improve grading and drainage to promote positive grading away from your home's structure.


There are many benefits to adding an addition to your home. The additional square footage will surely improve your residential property value. However, the benefits of an addition to your home, or remodeling project are realized by any family who will sincerely enjoy the added space and updated configurations which are often implemented in such remodeling projects.  

Constructing an addition to your home or performing a large remodeling project may sound scary. Have no fear, Skor Construction handles everything. From devising architectural plans and/or engineering plans for your project to obtaining permits and constructing your project, we are standing by to make your project a success!

As a professional general contractor specializing in additions, we have  constructed many additions and remodeling projects for customers in Mount Prospect and within many adjacent villages. We are familiar with all the new trends in remodeling, and can offer some great ideas relative to your project.  Our experience affords us with the ability to ensure that our clients' additions and remodeling projects will be completed on schedule, while always respecting the budget.  

If you are seeking a contractor to assist with your upcoming addition and/or remodeling project , please be sure contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE by email or call Skor Construction at (312) 719-4377. We look forward to making your addition and/or remodeling project "dream", a reality!